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04 July 2007 @ 03:24 am
Due to being very unwell these last few months I have decided to cut back on most of my role-playing games. This game is one of those I have chosen to leave.

Thank you for your time and I enjoyed rpging with you and hope to again some day in the future.

Take care.

25 March 2007 @ 07:40 am
Spike was unsure on how to answer that question. When he had been with Buffy, well the sex had been kind of kinky, wild and rough. They did a lot of stuff to one another that not many lovers got a chance to experience together. He was sure that his sire would be none to pleased to learn of this concerning his ex-girlfriend so the blonde vampire decided not to bring it up at all.

"Yeah long time for me too." Spike lied as he lowered his head and began to kiss down Angel's neck, enjoying the taste of his skin as his wet tongue traveled down his chest to his navel while he continued to pleasure his sire with his talented fingers.
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06 February 2007 @ 08:21 pm
Angel was in an empty work-out room. It was late and most of the staff has gone home. He pushed thoughts of his underlings and focused his energries on the dummy he was fighting. He jabbed and kicked at it with fluid movements. Soon he picked up a wooden staff and started attacking the dummy with it. His actions getting more and more swift before bringing his staff way bakc and swinging it into the dummy's head. The head flew through the air and hit the floor with a thud that rang out into the empty room. Angel frowned at the head and walked over and kicked it. He sat down on a bench and stared off into space. He had a lot more energy to get out of his system, but he knew Spike was gonna show up any minute now.

Spike loved to come and piss him off while he worked out or did anything really. Spike being back and alive and annoying as ever...well he was still getting used to the idea. He sighed to himself and decided to go back to working out. He picked up his staff again and started doing flips and playing around with it. Hitting at imaginary enemies. To anyone else it would look as though the vampire had gone crazy.

He stopped once more when he sensed Spike was near. His back to the doorway, he just stood there, silent, waiting to hear Spike say something--anything. He didn't want to give Spike any sort of bait this time.
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